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Meet Nadia MarSoli

Meet the Author

As an indie author, I know how hard it is to get noticed by the world. From figuring out how to upload your book right, to the mass amount of posts you need to create to be seen, to just trying to find the time to write, life is difficult for the indie author. So to spread the word on other indie authors, I decided to introduce you to them.

Meet Nadia MarSoli.

Five things about her

  1. She is a Bilingual author and publishes in both English and Spanish.
  2. She is a Mom of two.
  3. She is turning hobbies into businesses
  4. She is a crafter, Author, Mother and promoter of Spiritual Empowerment
  5. She is a content creator on IG and YouTube



How to find them?

Want to know more about this amazing author? Check him out on Instagram:

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