The Fan Society

Captivating Fairy Tales and Sweet Romance:

While “The Fan Society” is primarily spy novels, they also intertwine elements of fairy tales and sweet romance. Dasha Wallace’s expert storytelling skills create an immaculate blend of genres, making these the best historical fiction books of all time, particularly for fans of contemporary romance books and fairy tale novels. Lose yourself in the magical threads of romance that weave through the pages, adding an extra layer of charm to these unforgettable tales.

Academy Days: A Fan Society Novella: A Modern Fairy Tale Novel That Will Keep You At the Edge of the Seat

Step into the world of spies, secrets, and intrigue in this enthralling contemporary romance novel, “The Fan Society.” The story introduces us to Arabella, whose life takes a dramatic turn after her mother’s mysterious disappearance. From being a servant in her own home, Arabella finds herself at the academy, where young ladies are trained as spies to protect the royal throne. With a quest to marry the prince and a personal mission to find her mother, Arabella walks a tightrope between duty and family, setting the stage for an exciting and heart-wrenching journey.

The Fan Society

Immerse Yourself in the Magic in These Thrilling Spy Novels

Indulge in the enthralling world of “The Fan Society”. Let Dasha Wallace’s perfect storytelling transport you to an era filled with mystery, romance, and adventure. Whether you are a fan of a historical fiction book, spy thrillers, contemporary romance fiction, or simply looking for an unputdownable book full of engaging storylines, these modern fairy tale books will surely leave a lasting impression. Embark on your journey today and unveil the dark secrets within these extraordinary tales’ pages.

Academy Days: A Fan Society Novella

Uncover the Secrets of Espionage in This Contemporary Romance Book

“Academy Days,” a modern fairy tale novel, offers a deeper glimpse into Ella’s life within the Fan Society. As Ella discovers the secret society her mother was a part of, she must navigate espionage challenges while dealing with her wicked stepsisters and academic struggles. Through four novellas, we follow Ella’s journey each year at the academy as she uncovers hidden truths, forms unbreakable bonds, and faces dangers threatening the core of the Fan Society.

academy days year two

After completing her first year with the Fan Society, Ella feels more confident in her capabilities as both a spy and a lady. But now Ella has to truly find her place in this secret society, especially since she was supposedly sent away after being accused of attempting to harm a noble. No one can know she’s at the academy, and that only raises the stakes. From now on, she must remain hidden in the Fan Society’s labyrinth of tunnels. This school year is all about betrayal and treachery. How can Ella find her place when she doesn’t know what’s real and what’s a mission?

academy days year three

Can a girl who has been on her own learn to connect to others? Or will her anger ruin her chances of changing her life?

This year in the Fan Society, Ella has to gain a Ghost, a person who can help glean information and spy on others she can’t. This society is a network of members, supporters, and informants, and now it’s time to tie it all together and put Ella’s skills as a spy in training to the test. But even as she works on her studies, she can’t help but question whether she should stay in the Fan Society. Her mother has been missing for years, and is the academy really the best place to learn how to find her?

ACADEMY DAYS: YEAR THREE is the third book in the ACADEMY DAYS novella series. This Cinderella retelling is filled with intrigue and secret societies, all mixed together in an academic setting. How would you like to go to spy school?

academy days year four

If Ella wants to fully join the Fan Society, she must go on a mission and use all the skills she’s learned as both a spy and lady at the academy. This mission takes her to North Sea Manor to investigate Baroness Smith, who has rarely been seen by the public eye for a year. The more secrets she learns about this household, the more she realizes how dangerous this mission really is. What she never expected was for things to become personal, and now she’s more determined than ever to survive and discover the truth about her family.

Un-Put-Down-Able Reads for Fans of Historical Fiction and Spy Novels:

With rich historical settings, heart-pounding espionage, and captivating characters, “Academy Days” have earned their place among the best historical fiction books and thrilling spy novels of all time. These enthralling reads will leave you breathless and longing for more as you engross your mind in the world of spies, secrets, and unbreakable bonds. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the excitement and wonder that these exceptional novels have to offer.

Unmasking Shadows in This Mind-Gripping Spy Book Coming Soon

In “The Society of Shadows,” the second installment of the spy book series, Ella finds herself embroiled in a dangerous web of intrigue. As England is on the brink of destruction, Ella realizes someone in the shadows is manipulating events. With lives at stake, Ella must push herself to the limit to protect those she holds dear. This thrilling spy book will keep you hooked from the very first page in utter intrigue to uncover the truth alongside Ella. Get ready to course for a journey unlike any before in this historical fiction spy book coming soon.

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