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Meet The Author

Dasha Wallace

Dasha Wallace is the mother of a highly active boy, who is too cute and too smart for his own good. She is a social butterfly and is nothing like her shy husband, who is one of her greatest supporters. They live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, with their dog as she struggles to balance family, writing, and the business side of things.

Dasha’s way of relaxing are her hobbies. She has a lot of interests besides reading. The main one being martial arts. She has a black belt in Tae Kwando and is working on achieving a black belt in weapons which may have influenced some of her fight scenes in her books. Dasha is a total geek and loves dungeons and dragons, as well as video games (Kingdom Hearts fan all the way). But Dasha’s greatest love is for all of her readers and is always eager to chat.

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