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Meet Natalia Ava

Meet the Author

As an indie author, I know how hard it is to get noticed by the world. From Amazon’s odd review policies, to social media changing how they function on a regular basis, to just trying to get your name out there without having to pay an arm and a leg, life is difficult for the indie author. So to spread the word on other indie authors, I decided to introduce you to them.

Meet Natalia Ava

5 Things about her

  1. She is a passion driven, and easily gets drawn into work she is in love with. She lives in San Diego, CA! You can find her reading or writing often at Balboa Park or Sunset Cliffs.
  2. She loves reading books, like a lot! Mostly romance of any kind!
  3. She loves hands-on work, crafts of any sort.
  4. She has never read Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner or Harry Potter.
  5. Depression got her into reading, so she has been reading for over 7 years!



A confident and young woman who doesn’t let being vulnerable get to her. A man who’s in charge of his school in London, Ontario

Dalia lands a job with Waleed being her boss. Fate decides to play its game and their strings begin to tangle.

Could they really fall in love regardless of the obstacles ahead of them?

What happens when one begins to fall and the other tries to hold back?

Find out by reading “DALIA”

A steamy Muslim romance that will make you cry, laugh and very wet.


How to find her?

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