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Meet KC McMillian

As an indie author, I know how hard it is to get noticed by the world. From figuring out how to upload your book right, to the mass amount of posts you need to create to be seen, to just trying to find the time to write, life is difficult for the indie author. So to spread the word on other indie authors, I decided to introduce you to them.

Meet KC McMillian.

Five things about her

  1. She loves Marvel MCU and here are her top 4 favorite Marvel movies of all time Avengers, Avengers Endgames, Civil War, and Black Panther.
  2. She taught herself how to play the keyboard for certain songs, and enjoys singing along as well. She actually used to sing in church.
  3. Her favorite food is anything pasta , shrimp, and lemon pepper chicken wings
  4. She is a Leo. My birthday is August 18th. She believes birthdays are extremely important because you have been blessed to make it to another year. Her cousin passed away when she was 16 from brain cancer, and she would always tell her that birthdays were important. You never know when it will be your last.
  5. Her favorite dessert is Cheesecake and Butter Pecan Ice cream and she loves strawberries.



Witches blurring the lines of good & evil, soul crushing betrayal, all roads point to murder!

Losing her mother at a young age, sixteen-year-old Claudette is burdened with depression, haunted by the memories of her mother’s untimely death.

Unknowing of her fate, secrets come to light when her seventeenth birthday approaches, nothing is as it seems.

With her father marrying an evil woman, gifting her two equally vile step sisters, Claudette’s world is upended when he accepts a job in a new town steeped in mystery, magic, and darkness.

Mashalville is anything but normal.

Settling into her new surroundings it’s not long before she realizes the real significance of turning seventeen.

Forced into making a decision that will change her life forever, there’s only one question she has to answer.

Will she keep her newfound magic or hold on to the normalcy of her past?

Throughout history, supernatural creatures have lived discretely amongst humans, divided into seven factions. The factions consist of Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Witches, The Phoenixes, Hybrids, and Manticores. A tenacious, vile, and callous Vampire King, Abel Ronin, eradicated the Manticores nearly four hundred years ago for not following the monarchy he set in place. Hybrids are despised by the King, who has taught his kingdom to view them as abominations.

The King’s daughter, Akira, is a beautiful, kind-hearted, and pleasant vampire that does not agree with her father’s ruling. This year, Akira will be sent to the Hybrid’s kingdom to retrieve five skilled fighters to serve her father. The King has a plan that might destroy the Hybrid faction forever, but will his pure and selfless daughter stand in his way? Akira will uncover a deep dark secret about her past, find out how powerful she is, and falls in love with the very creature her father detests. Akira must decide whether she will continue to obey her father’s orders, follow her heart, or let the King decide for her.

How to find them?

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