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Meet the Author M Shays

Author M Shays

Meet the Author

As an indie author, I know how hard it is to get noticed by the world. From figuring out how to upload your book right, to the mass amount of posts you need to create to be seen, to just trying to find the time to write, life is difficult for the indie author. So to spread the word on other indie authors, I decided to introduce you to them.

Meet M Shays.

Five things about him

  1. Shays wanted to be a veterinarian from the age of 3 until at the age of 12 he decided to be an author
  2. Shays is a massive collector of all things nerdy Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe etc.
  3. Shays thinks almost everything is better with either peanut butter or cheese.
  4. Shays is a big alt rock fan some of his favorite bands being Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Bush, 30 Seconds to Mars & Apocalyptica.
  5. Shays loves to write because it’s the only place he can allow his romanticist heart to run wild in a world of dreams while his realist mind tries to keep him in check on this planet.


The All Father: Next generation

Nearly twenty years ago, mankind was saved from multiple near existential crises by a young unorthodox government scientist. He became known as the All Father. He served as a global policy director as the head of G.L.A.S.O. (Global Law and Science Organization). He has a cult like following but has also created many enemies hungry to take away his power. Despite his influence, he’s always viewed a group of students as the real future saviors of the world. They’ve been raised in a secret sanctuary known as The Ark. There they’ve been educated and groomed for the day they’ll complete his final vision. Now it’s time for the New Generation to step into a world they’ve never known, the world they were taken from. They must work as a united team to survive the trials they’re about to endure. They’ll be forced to confront truths they never knew and determine who they want to become in this new world. During their metamorphosis they’ll have to decide if the man they believed was their salvation is truly deceiving them. Are they really on a mission of good or are there more sinister motives buried in their histories? 

The Holy Sprit

Brin felt like she was living a fairy tale existence with her Prince Charming Colin. After falling in love and marrying quicky, it wasn’t long before tragedy hit causing them to relocate from their beach life in Florida. Instead of finding a fresh start to reassemble their dreamlife, Brin begins to have strange visions and hear things. This causes her to investigate her new town to determine if what she’s experiencing is real or her mental state taking a further downward spiral from her trauma. During her search for answers, she finds a Native American man named Dean, who believes her. Does he have hidden motives? Can Brin and Colin save their fairy tale life? Along the way they’ll both discover buried secrets about their families, forever changing lives. Will truth set them free, or will it be an albatross around their necks leading to heartache and misery? Find out when you journey into The Holy Spirit.

Available soon!

How to find them?

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